“Who’s your favourite Batman?”

ME: “Kevin Porter”

“You mean Kevin Conroy from the Animated Series?”

ME: “No, I mean Kevin Porter from the Bat in the Sun fan films”


My goal for this edit was to use several fan films to make a feature film. This is actually my third attempt at this one, the first got destroyed and the second didn’t feel right.


This edit contains footage from BITS’ Patient J, City of Scars, Seeds of Arkham and Super Power Beat Down; as well as The Batman Chronicles, Dead End, Truth of the Mask (featuring BITS actors) and Nightwing: The Series. There are two parallel stories – one for Batman the other for Nightwing and Oracle. The reason I did this is combined these are the closest to the Batman film I would love to see on the big screen, more faithful to the comics in a way Brton/Nolan aren’t, even though I love those movies.


The difference DC is to Doctor Who/Star Trek is that it seems to be rebooted more, showing different worlds in the ‘DC Multiverse’. By doing this I was able to show a new universe. Most TV/film versions of the Batman mythos can’t seem to get past Dick Grayson becoming Robin – even though the Animated Series introduced Tim Drake and Nightwing, it skipped Jason Todd and Barbara never became Oracle. This edit opens with Barbara Gordon being shot and the Joker’s murder of Todd is shown in flashback.


The edit opens with a live action remake of the Batman: The Animated Series opening, overlayed with credits. In the first version of this edit used the actual BTAS opening but I thought that was too jarring, this version looks more like the actual film footage I used. However, aesthetically the BITS films are close to a live action version of BTAS – something I never thought about until now!


Even so I wanted this to be its own version of Batman, however Seeds of Arkham uses the 89 Batmobile and Dead End even uses a snippet of Elfman’s theme.


The Nightwing footage I used throughout weaving between the three main Batman stories which are City of Scars, Seeds of Arkham and Truth of the Mask. The other footage is peppered throughout to enhance the story. For example, BITS has surprisingly not included Alfred and Commissioner Gordon in their main films. I had to use footage from another high-quality film ‘The Batman Chronicles’ to include them even though it is set early in batman’s tenure. Alfred is only featured in two brief cameos because he is interacting with their Bruce who looks too different. It’s a pity because it’s a good movie with a great Joker, but I try not to use different actors too much for the same character – more on that later! Also, these films showcase many of Batman’s infamous rogues gallery, some of whom haven’t been featured in movies.


For Seeds of Arkham, I added a cameo of Superman getting ensnared in a Kryptonite trap. This is because I always believe Batman and Superman exist in the same world; even though we didn’t see Adam West and George Reeves together on screen, likewise Chris Reeve and Michael Keaton in my headcanon they share worlds. Plus, the footage from Batman vs Darth Vader has Superman in a cool new suit! This edit to me does more than tell a story – it presents the closest thing to my vision for a DC Universe on screen. Taking this idea further, the Catwoman cameo features Deadpool! I like the idea of DC and Marvel being one.


Even though I used the Nightwing mini-series I decided to keep director Aaron Schoenke in the movie, I simply removed all references of his character being called Dick/Richard Grayson and credited him as Tim Drake, the third Robin.


I broke my ‘no recasting’ rule for the end sequence by using ‘Dead End’. This was a 2003 short film by Sandy Collora which was unofficial but VERY professional looking. Clark Bartram played Batman with the late Andrew Koenig (son of Walter from Star Trek) as the Joker. Batman had several suits in this film anyway, so I thought another one wouldn’t hurt, and the Joker looks similar. To make this work I cut the Joker’s death from the end of City of Scars, revealing he was once more in Arkham Asylum. The movie ends on a cliffhanger leading to the credits.


One thing I wanted to do to tie everything together is something I’ve never done before – dub in a soundtrack. This to me would make it feel a bit more like a proper feature film. Like I said, this movie is a presentation of my ‘own vision’, so it was a no brainer to use my favourite composer/songwriter – Jim Steinman rather than Elfman, Zimmer or Prince. In the early 2000s Steinman was tasked to write songs for an unproduced Broadway musical of Batman. Athough the songs’ lyrics are inspired by Burton’s films they are quite unique, however like Batman himself they were orphans without a home. For many years I’ve wanted them placed somewhere in a Batman project, even though Steinman has used a couple elsewhere. I found a place here for all 7 songs, making sure they fitted the material rather than being forced. I don’t replace the scores already on the films but rather add to them. I originally was only going to use 3 demos, but I eventually decided to use them all – apart from Land of the Pig where I used Meat Loaf’s version. Oddly I use them mostly on flashback sequences.


Lastly, Kevin Porter returns in a post-credit sequence…


Laveryverse Fan Edits: A Guide

ART CREDITS: CyberDevil, Stephen Higgins, gazomg, Alex Ross

I’ve always been a fan of fans. Specifically, fan creativity. There are many ways of expressing your appreciation for your favourite franchise – making films, writing stories, drawing, painting, attending conventions and many more, but there’s an art form that I discovered just over a decade ago, fan editing.

George Lucas is well known for stripping down and recutting his Star Wars films over and over, often updating them with new effects and scenes, as well as putting back material cut from the original. But the fans seem just as unsatisfied as Lucas, especially with the prequels. The first fan edit of Star Wars Episode I I saw was ‘Balance of the Force’, which not only cut scenes but also redubbed some of the aliens with subtitles, to create new dialogue.

Some other edits take it further, some even creating new sequences, such as Adywan’s ‘Revisited’ series, then there ‘s those that merge several individual films into one, such as Batman Combo, War of the Worlds: Independence Day and Wizardhood, the complete story of Harry Potter in just under 2 hours.

Another group producing fan edits in a unique way, and a collaboration I kind of initiated, is Season 26B. They are Doctor Who fans who have created a whole season of 16 episodes of Doctor Who, starring Paul McGann who has only played the part in live action twice so far. They use practically everything McGann was ever in between 1990 and 2013, voiceovers with soundalikes, footage from other Doctor Who episodes, other TV series and films, new effects and more. Over a decade I watched their technical skills improve, blurring the lines and making these feel like real, new stories from the Whoniverse. The Eighth Doctor was finally given a real chance to live and breathe on screen, there are three regular companions (Lucie, Izzy and K9), Cybermen, Zygons, Judoon, Sontarans, the Toymaker, Susan, Ace, River Song, the Brigadier, other Doctors etc – even Grace and Chang Lee who Big Finish haven’t got the rights to on audio – a problem a fan group don’t have. Thanks to the use of various sources the Doctor and friends even encounter new regular characters such as Dr Monaghan, Hornblower, Jonathan Creek, Catherine the Great, the villainous Eldritch and notably David Warner is portrayed as Ulysses, loosely adapted from the idea the TV Movie could have been.

I’ve always been a tinkerer but my first serious effort, inspired by Season 26B, was The Rise of Evil, a faux 30th Anniversary special released for the 50th Anniversary, 20 years late. Adapted from the independent sci-fi video The Airzone Solution, it featured Doctors 3-7 against Michael Wisher, while Ace is trapped in a dark dimension with a Sontaran and a Draconian.

Since then, I have been culminating various ideas. I let them fester in my brain then someday I decide to do something about. I guess I use fan editing as a way of expressing ideas. When I get ideas for a TV show, film or play at that minute I want it to exist! Admittedly I just use Movie Maker and the Rise of Evil is the only one I’ve recorded new voices for, but I do my very best to make the stories work.

Only The Rise of Evil is online – reason is I don’t want to get into trouble by uploading them all! I’ve nicked things from here, there and everywhere…

So here’s what I’ve done – I may look like I’m bragging with so many but really a better analogy is ‘runaway train’ Habits of mine include  (1) taking shorter pieces and making them part of a larger story, (2) taking spin off dramas and making them a proper part of Doctor Who and (3) turning TV shows into movies and vice versa, hence I try to do full movies/episodes rather than trailers or shorts:


DOCTOR WHO [WARNING: Contains Daleks. A LOT of Daleks]

  1. a2 - Prisoners of the Daleks.jpgPrisoners of the Daleks – Loose Cannon’s reconstruction of Terry Nation’s unmade Dalek pilot starring Jean Marsh mixed with a fan made First Doctor Dalek action figure story. Notably brings the dome headed Emperor into canon 25 years early!
  2. The Time Eddy – a 20-minute version of The Three Doctors trying to be from the First Doctor’s point of view. Leads directly into…
  3. The Tomb of Rassilon/The Renegade – The Five Doctors from the Frist Doctor’s point of view. Leads directly into…
  4. a3 - Vengeance of the Daleks.jpgVengeance of the Daleks – Built around the Blake’s 7 episode Assassin where the ‘forgotten’ First Doctor Richard Hurndall plays a similar character with a shock of white hair who is a slave rescued by Avon and the crew of the Scorpio. I’ve always wanted to see a Doctor Who crossover with Blake’s 7 which I’ve always believed is part of the Whoniverse, I just never thought it would be with the First Doctor! The Doctor is travelling with older Susan. You also get glimpses of an older Ian and Marco Polo, plus I’ve used clips of New Series Daleks in classic colours, hence why this is not in black and white. I don’t like odds and sods I like them being part of a full story. Pretty proud of this one, I think it works.
  5. The Doctors – a 40-minute cut of Twice Upon A Time trying to tell it from the First Doctor’s point of view. I’ve cut all the ‘bigot’ comments so he is more of a faithful character to the original. Leads directly into…
  6. b1 - The Power of the DaleksThe Power of the Daleks – Despite there now being an animation, this is a 26 minute recreation of the lost story using the reimagined fan film, cutting all appearances of the Scovell Doctor (who I love but this is an experiment) and putting in footage of the Troughton Doctor, Ben and Polly via their existing episodes (including some where I’ve had to cut Jamie and even The War Machines). Unfortunately, every story from Season 4 had at least two missing episodes.
  7. b2 - The Daleks Strike Back.jpgThe Daleks Strike Back – Similar to Prisoners of the Daleks, a CGI recreation of the 1960s stage play Curse of the Daleks cut into a 4 parter with the First AND Second Doctors and friends. Thought that with The Destroyers and Curse being written by Terry Nation himself they would feel more genuine additions to the canon. First and Second Doctor material includes them both together.
  8. The Black Hole – a 2-part version of The Three Doctors trying to be from the Second Doctor’s point of view.
  9. The Auton Invasion – someone once commented that the fan film Devious with Jon Pertwee was a better intro to Spearhead From Space than Spearhead From Space. So naturally I had to put it in.
  10. c3 - The Dalek Connection.jpgThe Dalek Connection – Jon Pertwee never stopped playing the Doctor from 1983-1996, so I put some of that in with some of the evidence sequences from the Trial of Davros to create something new, as well as a reimagining of a Planet of the Daleks scene. Notably features the Delgado Master deteriorating into Peter Pratt. I like using significant events that weren’t seen on screen.
  11. c4 - Attack of the Daleks.jpgAttack of the Daleks – In the mid-60s there were two remakes of Dalek stories featuring bigger, more colourful Daleks. I wanted to see if you could effectively canonise them. Dr Who and the Daleks wasn’t playing ball for me but using the intro to Invasion of the Dinosaurs 2150 proved more successful, with the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane arriving in a deserted London invaded by Daleks. I kept Susie as a young girl looking for her grandfather, but you don’t see ‘Dr Who’. Some more footage of post-83 Pertwee is used, including a Victoria cameo from Dimensions in Time
  12. Doctor Who’s Greatest Adventure: The Tokyo Affair – The title is taken from Milton Subotsky’s unmade third movie idea, it mixes a popular Doctor Who anime with some more of the older Pertwee footage. Daleks, Cybermen, Davros, two Masters all descend on the Japanese capitol, the Doctor must team with UNIT and a local police officer. The animation is beautiful. and I like the idea of the Doctor getting a new assistant
  13. d1 - Sweet Black Angel.jpgSweet Black Angel – wrapped around animation of Big Finish’s Invasion of the Daleks, the idea of this is “what if Tom Baker came back in the 90s as the lead?” With Dr Who Night, New Zealand insurance ads and Shada; Tom has reprised the part on screen more than I think some realise. I also use the premiere of the K9 spin off and Leela and Romana appear.
  14. The Five Doctors Experimental Edition – The Five Doctors had already been remixed using footage from The E-Space Trilogy however I felt that was too heavy for a subplot. Then, Kelvington was going to use his wizardry to put Tom Baker into The Five Doctors but that project got aborted, which I was terribly upset about, so doing this was a bit like healing a bit of a bugbear. I thought about The Sontaran Experiment as the Dartmoor landscape was like the Death Zone. The Doctor and Harry arrive and faces a Sontaran experimenting on humans it found – it felt like a good fit and the story isn’t too heavy. I cut Sarah Jane from the Sontaran Experiment footage as she was already with the Third Doctor. The only thing I wish I could add was the Fourth Doctor in the tomb at the end, interacting with all the other Doctors.
  15. e2 - The ReturnThe Return – a cut down of Resurrection of the Daleks, using footage from the fan film Masterplan to make it a classic story with the Daleks, Davros, the Master and The Cybermen. The locations are similar, and the new subplot is the Master and the Cybermen searching for a lost army of Daleks on Earth. Created before The Tokyo Affair, the classic series never featured Daleks and Cybermen together properly.
  16. e3 - The Manipulation of Time.jpgThe Manipulation of Time – a short episode where the Fifth Doctor, Peri, Nyssa and the Tenth Doctor face off against the Rani, using footage from Terminus, Dimensions in Time and Time Crash.
  17. f1 - Alternate Adventures.jpgSummoned by Shadows/More Than A Messiah/In Memory Alone – The Stranger by BBV 1-3 starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, is ‘darker Sixth Doctor with shades of the Seventh’ was better than anything he got under JNT.
  18. f2 - Shakedown.jpgShakedown – the 1995 Sontaran movie was novelised as a Seventh Doctor story but here I mix with Sixth Doctor footage placing this between The Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani, showing him dropping off Mel, having some more adventures and finally regenerating having met Mel.
  19. g2 - The Rise of Evil.jpgThe Rise of Evil – as mentioned above, a faux 30th Anniversary special released for the 50th Anniversary, 20 years late. Adapted from the independent sci-fi video The Airzone Solution, it featured Doctors 3-7 against Michael Wisher, while Ace is trapped in a dark dimension with a Sontaran and a Draconian. Originally meant to be an adaptation of Lost in the Dark Dimension but it became his own beast. Title taken from a movie about Hitler.
  20. g3 - Memoirs of an Old Soldier.jpgMemoirs of an Old Soldier – a tribute to the late, great Nicholas Courtney. A combination of three rare fan films of the Brigadier, plus the DVD special Liberty Hall, wrapped by the Brigadier writing his memoirs.
  21. g4 - Enemy of the DaleksEnemy of the Daleks – animation of the Big Finish drama mixed with the tale of Abslom Daak – Dalek Killer!
  22. Death Comes To Time – the animation cut into a 1h30 feature film
  23. Destiny of the Doctors – the final adventure of the Seventh Doctor – the TV Movie up to and including the regeneration, as well as videogame footage of the Anthony Ainley Master and Ace from Midgame Trilogy, thus giving closure to the era.
  24. Enemy Within – the rest of the TV Movie, otherwise in a marathon you’d be watching half of the story twice!
  25. h2 - Blood of the Daleks.jpgBlood of the Daleks – there are several animations of scenes from this audio drama online, despite different styles I put them together to make a full narrative. Beefed up with footage of Davros as BBC DVD also animated Big Finish scenes, the idea being to make the 6th classic Davros story after Remembrance of the Daleks.
  26. h3 - The Scourge of Gallifrey.jpg The Scourge of Gallifrey – a faux 40th Anniversary special featuring Doctors 5-8 with several companions against the Master and the Daleks. Using more Big Finish scenes with several scenes of the Doctors meeting.
  27. Night of the Daleks – one of my first; the Night of the Doctor beefed up using ‘The Dalek That Time Forgot’ as well as Romana and Leela and a short film about Davros creating the New Daleks.
  28. The Night of the Doctor – The first story of the War Doctor; extending out of the 2013 short with ‘The Experiment’, the sequel to ‘The Dalek That Time Forgot’ pitting Daleks v Cybermen once more and containing a whole load of references. Subplot footage will come from Blake’s 7, but Jacqueline Pearce will be Cardinal Ollistra from the War Doctor audios, meeting with Carnell who later featured in the Doctor Who novel ‘Corpse Marker’ and the Kaldor City audios.
  29. j1 - The Autons Awake.jpgThe Autons Awake – BBV’s Auton 3: Awakening with footage from The Sontaran Stratagem and Enemy of the Bane to show The Tenth Doctor finally meeting the Brigadier, something I was upset never happened on screen. I used the Auton movie as I didn’t want to just put the Tenth Doctor into the Bane story, or the Brigadier into Stratagem
  30. j2 - The Vulcan Paradox.jpgThe Vulcan Paradox – The Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors meet the crew of the USS Enterprise. Two of them. Combination of two fan films.
  31. The Day of the Doctor: All-Inclusive Edition – I wanted to give the Classic Doctors a greater presence in the story. I put the Night of the Doctor short at the beginning, and Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston have a particularly greater presence. The sequence where Clara travels through the Doctors’ lives in The Name of the Doctor is used, as well as Big Finish audio and even Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, to show the Classic Doctors in Matt Smith’s TARDIS.
  32. Blakes_7_Logo_by_westleyjsmith.jpgInvasion – The final episode of Season 2, Star One with the Daleks as invaders, using footage from Day of the Daleks and Destiny of the Daleks
  33. x - Gallifrey.pngGALLIFREY – Using fan animation, the K9 spinoff and Ace from Death Comes To Time – I attempted to make a screen version of the audio spin off.
  34. johnny_depp___the_12th_doctor_by_stephenhiggins53.jpgThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow – And now for something completely different! So many people over the years have commented how much the 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow is like a Tim Burton Doctor Who movie starring Johnny Depp, so I had to look. And it is, about a town menaced by an evil creature, then this man (Depp) comes in to save them. 26B style I cut references to him being a police inspector and began with the TARDIS landing in the forest. The Depp Doctor is like a darker Matt Smith, with all the eccentricity and humour. Most of my past works have tried their best to keep within the Doctor Who canon but this is different. I like how we have had ‘Unbound’ Doctors in the past like Peter Cushing, David Warner, Rowan Atkinson etc. through the years – and how can I resist effectively creating my own brand-new Doctor, even if it is another white male?! I’m also a big fan of the Burton Batman movies, the aesthetic here is very similar. Even Danny Elfman composed the score. There’s also an Ichabod Crane action figure so I plan on getting hold of that to display alongside my Doctors. It struck me that this is my first historical story, even though the enemy is supernatural.
  35. The Ripper From Hell – Using the 2001 film From Hell I attempted to make a sequel, even though Depp uses different accent and looks different. It’s a good story but I’m not sure if it passes as Doctor Who – despite being adapted from a graphic novel the Jack the Ripper murders were very real – there is no supernatural/alien element so this is a ‘pure historical’ like they did in the 60s.



1582439330_308df761c7_o.jpgTo The Stars – Using the 09 film and Into Darkness, this attempts to create a canonical origin story for Kirk and Spock. Uses Gabe Koerner’s better Enterprise design

Risk is Our Business – uses the cutscenes from the 2013 videogame where Kirk faces the Gorn

Flight of the Franklin – yes the Enterprise is destroyed but this is the most Star Trek of all three movies, so naturally I turned it into an episode

13585091_1255265627819555_7102519838325456794_o.jpgStar Trek: Phase III – 16 episodes showing the complete adventures of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov post-TMP – using footage from movies 1-7, 11-12, TNG, Voyager, Starfleet Academy videogame, Of Gods and Men, New Voyages and Renegades (including Requiem 26B style). Literally the whole story. Every scrap. I’ve edited Excelsior footage from Voyager’s Flashback into Undiscovered Country to expand that adventure.

3a - Of Gods and Men.jpgOf Gods and Men – extended movie edition with the Generations prologue and Sulu on the Excelsior from ‘World Enough and Time’ to show more of the crew post-ST6

4 - TNG315 - Days of Future Past.pngDays of Future Past – I’ve blogged about it in the past, but this is the TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise using Undiscovered Country/Generations footage to give Kirk a better sendoff. The closest I’ll get to my ideal Star Trek movie MORE:

3z - Legacies.pngLegacies – the Bring Back Kirk trailer coupled with Trek 09 and Renegades to create a new TOS finale, set post-Nemesis for the whole crew except Sulu.

5 - DSN101 - Emissary.pngEmissary – the DS9 pilot mixed with The Chase and Birthright I to create a full-blown TNG/DS9 crossover

The Dominion War – showing the Enterprise-E during the war fighting Jem’Hadar and rescuing Sisko and the Defiant crew

Voyager: The Movie – using footage of the Voyager characters post-Endgame to show their future lives

Inferno – combining the Borg War fan film starring Patrick Stewart with all Good Things and others to give TNG a better send off. Little did I know of course Picard was plotting a comeback!

5 - DSN801 - The Ultimate Crossover.jpgThe Landmark Crossover – the fan film Operation Beta Shield features characters from the fan series Hidden Frontier, Intrepid, Odyssey and the Section 31 Files – I’ve added people from New Frontier and DS9 (via Online) to enhance the story.

Also from Enterprise, DS9 and Voyager I’ve turned several multi part arcs into movies.



I’ve put episodes from various series together to make movies (including ‘Zeo Quest’ which uses Rita & Zedd rather than the Machine Empire and ‘Transitions’ which combines the ‘Turbo’ finale with the ‘Space’ opening), plus:

Back To Action – a ‘new’ MMPR episode using footage from Sentai’s Great Dinosaur Battle with some of the PSAs and Bulk and Skull VHS footage

Power-Rangers-Cosplay-Prop-Green-Ranger-Arm-and-Leg-Armor-Version-01-2Wrath of Zedd – My concept pilot for a PG-13 Power Rangers pilot, as might air on the CW. Uses the Super Power Beat Downs as well as remaining clips from the unfinished MMPR fan film.

Legends in Danger – Extended version of the Dimensions in Danger 25th Anniversary special – includes clips from Dino Thunder, Legendary Battle and Dino Mega Charge.

WOTGR.pngWrath of the Green Ranger – Using all of JDF’s post-Forever Red appearances, including Bat in the Sun. An exploration of older Tommy’s life.



Superman Arrives – a retelling of Superman’s origin, going from the serial Krypton, to the 50s TV show Smallville, to Clark in High school from Smallville to the pilot of Lois & Clark with the arrival in Metropolis.

Superman Resurrection – a sequel to Arrives, showing the resurrection of Lex Luthor.

1237909_344697468999055_1651106821_nBatman: Dark Detective – Bat in the Sun’s City of Scars, Seeds of Arkham, Truth of the Mask mixed with others to create a Batman movie more faithful to the comics, with a different aesthetic to the cinema films.

16683837_1512880212055396_6072425875832741797_n.jpgJustice League of America – Christopher Reeve, Michael Keaton, Lynda Carter and John Wesley Shipp star in four intertwined stories facing Lex Luthor, the Joker, an evil Toymaker’s android doubles and the Trickster respectively. Cameos from Oracle (2001’s Birds of Prey) and Martian Manhunter (1997’s JLA pilot) to make the ‘League’ seem bigger,  plus Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Steve Trevor, Tina McGee, Julio Mendez, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon and Vicki Vale all have supporting roles and there’s a few Easter Eggs and references peppered throughout –  a retro JLA is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time! Up until the Animated Universe in the mid 90s the idea of DC merging their different properties together didn’t really happen on screen.



Have I any more ideas? Absolutely but some I wouldn’t be able to achieve.

I tried to turn The Stranger films 4-6 into Doctor Who stories but couldn’t; I’d like to do something with some Unbound Doctors (David Warner, Rowan Atkinson) but I wouldn’t know where to start.

I also think doing an  ‘Avengers League’ rather than Justice League would be cool – merging Marvel and DC together.


My top 10 most exciting news pieces from SDCC 2018!!


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San Diego Comic-Con Paves the Road to the Thirteenth Doctor Who with Her Comics


SDCC18: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 First Look Teaser And Images Released


SDCC18: ‘The Orville’ Season 2 Trailer Released


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown Teaser Released


Batman: Hush Will Receive an Animated Film Adaptation

DC’s Shazam! Comic-Con 2018 Trailer is Here!

In DC Universe’s First Titans Trailer, Robin Has Harsh Words for Batman!


CW Developing Solo BATWOMAN Show for 2019


George Takei’s graphic memoir They Called Us Enemy coming in 2019

What if… the 25th Anniversary of DOCTOR WHO was celebrated with a multi-Doctor story?


Art by Matthew Purchase [ ]


Multi-Doctor stories are fun. I love em.

We had The Three Doctors in 1972, close enough to the 10th Anniversary; The Five Doctors for the 20th; Dimensions in Time (For what it is I like it) for the 30th; Big Finish gave us Zagreus for the 40th Anniversary, The Light at the End for the 50th and shortly after on TV there was The Day of the Doctor.

In between we’ve had The Two Doctors, The Sirens of Time, The Lost Dimension and many more gems. The Eight Doctors novel was released close enough to the 35th  Anniversary

After the Day of the Doctor, for a series of art pieces, fan Colin Brockhurst reimagined that story as if it were made for the 5th Anniversary in 1968 (which was around the time The Invasion aired, the first UNIT story featuring the return of Lethbridge-Stewart against the Cybermen). The Day of Dr Who was a fake Radio Times poster and listing, as well as ‘telesnaps’ from the supposed lost story! Hartnell’s Doctor meets Queen Elizabeth, and then gets drawn into an adventure with the shape-shifting Chameleons, alongside Troughton and the forgotten War Doctor (Peter Cushing from the 1960s Dalek movies).

I started thinking about what a 15th Anniversary version would have been, with Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee teaming with the lost Doctor, Trevor Martin (from the 1974 West End play Seven Keys To Doomsday).

But a few weeks ago on twitter, pictures from the Doctor Who 15th Anniversary Party surfaced. A well-known writer pondered what The Four Doctors may have been like as the conclusion to the Key To Time season, with the White Guardian summoning the first three Doctors to help Tom find the last segment of the Key To Time. Will Brooks and Si Hodges, two prolific fan photoshoppers imagined what scenes from that story may have looked like, including Geoffrey Bayldon as a recast First Doctor and the Third Doctor teaming with the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9. I never knew how much I wanted it until I saw it!

With both in mind, and me being me, I’d naturally go and ask what the 25th Anniversary would have been like as a multi Doc? Silver Nemesis was the BBC’s official anniversary story however Remembrance of the Daleks has all the hallmarks for an anniversary story – Davros and the Daleks, Coal Hill, Totter’s Lane, a Time Lord device, time travel, direct follow up to the very first episode and even a prototypical Brigadier and UNIT setup.

1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks



Obviously as a multi Doctor story the structure would be very different but the basic story would be the same – two factions of Daleks descend on Shoreditch 1963 in search of the Hand of Omega, there’s a Dalek mothership above Earth and they have basic Time Travel technology. Let’s use the title The Six Doctors since The Four Doctors has been used various times now. William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton (and Richard Hurndall) had unfortunately died since 1988 and presumably Tom Baker would have still refused to take part.

Let’s say Geoffrey Bayldon was rehired to play the First Doctor after The Four Doctors, and was unavailable for The Five Doctors, hence why Richard Hurndall appeared. Robert Holmes’ unmade Six Doctors involved an android First Doctor created by the Cybermen. Here, we would follow up Resurrection of the Daleks in two ways – (1) Doctors 3 and 6-7 would be brought into the story by their TARDISes being dragged through the Dalek Time Corridor and (2) the Daleks would have successfully created a Clone First Doctor to infiltrate the High Council on Gallifrey. We’d have the Third, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors facing the Daleks, the First [Hartnell] Doctor in flashbacks from An Unearthly Child and the Renegade Daleks using the Clone [Bayldon] Doctor.

So we have:

  1. Sylvester McCoy
  2. Jon Pertwee
  3. Peter Davison
  4. Colin Baker
  5. William Hartnell (archive footage)
  6. Geoffrey Bayldon





By Ben Aaronovitch

The Doctor takes his new friend Ace back to Totters Lane 1963, where he has unfinished business. His first incarnation left behind the Hand of Omega, a powerful piece of Time Lord technology. Unfortunately it has caught the attention of two warring factions of Daleks!

The Daleks have opened a time corridor, and three TARDISes are caught up in it – all of which belong to the Doctor. Two of the Doctors help their seventh incarnation against the Daleks while the other is stuck ever so slightly further in the past.

Is the first Doctor who he seems? Can the local military help protect the Hand of Omega? And what secrets lie beneath the Coal Hill School?

The supporting cast of Remembrance of the Daleks was so strong it got a Big Finish audio spin-off, Counter-Measures. However for the Doctors they may have to take a back seat. cm01_slipcase_1417sq_cover_large.jpg

You could spread the Doctors out to give them roles (and companions):

  • The Seventh Doctor and Ace with the Counter-Measures team, maybe they find the Sixth Doctor acting as scientific advisor? The two Doctors are forced to work together
  • The Fifth Doctor and Peri dragged back to a dark Shoreditch night where they meet who they think is the First Doctor, but in fact he’s a clone!
  • The Third Doctor and Jo trapped on the Dalek mothership (then Pertwee could enjoy a scene or two with Davros!)

Naturally in the fourth and final episode the Third, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors would all team up against the Daleks before going their separate ways.


Lastly, I’d imagine the structure of Season 25 being slightly different. You’d want The Six Doctors to air on the anniversary itself. So you’d have:


Silver Nemesis [beginning still with a classic element, just like Season 24 had the Rani and Season 26 brought back the Brigadier and UNIT] – 15-19 October 1988

The Happiness Patrol – 26 0ctober-9 November 1988

The Six Doctors – 16 November-7 December 1988

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy – 14 December 1988-4 January 1988


POWER RANGERS HEXAGON: Wrath of Zedd [pilot] Fan Editor’s Notes

f2 - Hexagon.png

Around 2003, after the Forever Red 10th Anniversary Special of Power Rangers Wild Force, writer Amit Bhaumik began work on what would have been Power Rangers’ 11th season, an adaptation of the Hurricaneger Sentai series. The ambitious plan was to continue from Forever Red and wrap up storylines from the first decade of the franchise.

Hexagon was to have seen two factions of Rangers against each other, one led by Tommy Oliver and run by the government, the other by Jason Lee Scott. Several villains who survived Zordon’s Energy Wave would have appeared, alongside other familiar characters. The whole thing was very ambitious, perhaps too ambitious. Production of Power Rangers left Los Angeles and we got Ninja Storm.

Now I’m a born-again Power Rangers fan. I watch until around Lightspeed Rescue but have in the last few years returned, catching up on past seasons like Time Force and Dino Thunder, both of which have become fast favourites. Nostalgia for the 90s has been brewing over the past five years, and Saban has been able to take advantage of it by producing a movie with Lionsgate and a very successful comic run with BOOM! Studios.

I’ve been wondering what if there was a ‘grown up’ PG-13 Power Rangers series like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and DC’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow? Now around 2013 there was an unfinished high-quality fan film announced called MMPR. Thousands were raised for their Kickstarter but it turned out to be a scam, despite several scenes being released on YouTube. One of these scenes showed the return of Lord Zedd. Also, Jason David Frank reprised Tommy Oliver in two ‘Super Power Beat Down’ shorts. The question I started to ask was ‘Could I use these with other footage to make a full episode?’

The footage from MMPR and Beat Down lasted around 10 minutes so I needed more. There was a Sentai movie called The Great Dinosaur Battle which teamed the Morphin, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge Rangers, so I used that, plus the animated into to the Super Legends videogame showed Lord Zedd’s return and plucking Goldar out of time. I consciously didn’t want to use footage from the TV show although a few clips are in there. A sequence from The Order is used too.

Lastly, to beef things up a bit, I found an edited clip of Tommy & Kimberley using footage from JDF’s ‘Fall Guy’ movie. It showed the two on the phone talking about Jason’s death, prompting a devastating plot twist! Also the cliffhanger ending shows Zordon of Eltar’s resurrection.


Here’s a breakdown:

The Future Omega Ranger intercepts Lord Zedd as he tries to steal the Time Crystal. Zedd uses it to travel back to Rita’s time and recruit Goldar to help him defeat the Rangers once and for all.

In Angel Grove, General Collins orders the activation of PROJECT RANGER, as they need Zordon and the Power Rangers. He later stops a guy from revealing the secrets of Angel Grove, but the message gets out. Meanwhile in Japan, Tommy fights an evil menace called Scorpion as the White Ranger, before fighting one of Zedd’s minions, Ryu, as the Green Ranger. The Silver Guardians (from Power Rangers Time Force) are attacked by a woman called Clare, who is trying to stop Collins.


Meanwhile, Adam Park confronts Jason Lee Scott, who he blames for losing his eye during a battle with Thrax. In Downtown Angel Grove, Police Detective Jonathan Stanton receives an anonymous tip that the military group, The Silver Guardians, are using illegal tactics to keep their plans for a take-over. Stanton comes head to head with two twins, Sara and Jaimie, who manage to get hold of a pen drive with secrets.

As Lord Zedd is preparing his return, Jason returns to being the Red Ranger despite his earlier difficulties with Adam. He joins Clare, Sara, Jaimie and Adam, all suited for battle, as well as the Dino Thunder and Dino Charge Rangers to battle Goldar and his army. Goldar grows to an impossible height which prompts the return of the Megazord. After Goldar’s defeat, the mystical creature Vados comes to Earth, so the three teams all team up to fight him. In the process however, Jason falls to the ground. As the remaining Rangers defeat Vados, Jason’s motionless bodies lie on the ground.

Later, Bulk & Spike say goodbye as Skull arrives in a limousine to pick up his son. Then Skull tells Bulk to be sure to visit him sometime.

 Tommy calls Kimberley who assures him he can’t be blamed for Jason’s death, and the danger’s part of the job. In the Command Center a Professor and his robotic assistant successfully bring back an ancient wise being. It’s Zordon.


Some plot threads aren’t solved on purpose because this is meant to be the pilot to a series. Originally I wanted the series title to be ‘Power Rangers’, but there are enough similarities to Amit’s idea to justify the ‘Hexagon’ title, which has only previously been brought to life in fan trailers and opening credits.

Also, this is clearly not a replacement for Ninja Storm. In fact not a frame of footage from that series is used! I see this as representing ideas from three aborted ideas – MMPR, Hexagon and the Bat in the Sun Green Ranger spin-off. I admit that with Tommy, Kim, Jason, Adam, the Megazord, Zordon, Bulk & Skull, Zedd, Goldar and the Putties this is mostly a ’20 Years Later’ Mighty Morphin story, however there are references and elements from other series.

Like real Power Rangers this edit uses Sentai footage, however the Power Rangers all look as they did in 1993. Ideally they would have been wearing these:


Like Hexagon, there is a mix of old and new Rangers thanks to MMPR. Also, in the titles there is a clip from power/rangers of Rita, reprised by Carla Perez. In my mind Rita doesn’t actually return, she is from a nightmare sequence.


In my headcanon this takes place between Dino Supercharge (OK it’s meant to be a parallel universe, but hey?) and Ninja Steel. This is pretty much an antedote to the norm of Power Rangers since the late 90s as it is not a ‘clean slate’.

The Many Ways to Bring Back KIRK PRIME




In 1994 Star Trek Generations was released, and Captain Kirk was dead. Stone dead. Bereft of life, he ceased to be. He was singing ‘The Tambourine Man’ to the choir invisible.

7 - Kirk.jpg

Many were not happy, it was a meaningless death for a legendary screen character who had been around for nearly 30 years. William Shatner himself followed the movie up with a series of EIGHT books set in the 24th Century, co-written by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens. In them, Kirk was revived by a Romulan-Borg Alliance to kill Picard; returned to the Mirror Universe; went on vacation to Bajor with Captain Picard (yes, really); then finally got back to captaining a Starship with Spock, McCoy & Scotty by his side.


Around 2004-05, when Enterprise was prepping for its fourth and final season, there were rumours that William Shatner would be appearing. Judiith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens pitched a story in which Shatner would appear as Mirror Kirk:

“The idea was that the Tantalus field was not a disintegrator, it was a humane way of dealing with prisoners, by sending them back in time to a sealed penal colony. Enterprise (NX-01) comes upon the colony – and Tiberius [mirror-Kirk] is there. Tiberius thinks, ‘Finally, a ship with a transporter – I can get back to my own universe, my own time.’ He basically goes on the NX-01, gets to the transporter, sets it to go back to the mirror universe – the mirror universe doesn’t exist.” “It hasn’t been created yet,” Judith Reeves-Stevens added. Garfield continued, “So Tiberius and Archer work together to figure out where the division point is between the universes, what point that one split off into the other. And as it turns out, Tiberius and Archer together are responsible for the creation of the mirror universe.”

A second idea, devised by Mike Sussman, ‘involved Shatner playing Enterprise’s Chef, who Daniels would bring into the future to preserve the timeline by successfully posing as James T. Kirk during an important event in history.’

William Shatner - Iron Chef USA


I personally preferred the second idea, we’d have technically an unseen adventure where Shatner would be playing [Chef as] Kirk. Unfortunately Shatner couldn’t agree with a fee Paramount was offering, and UPN cancelled the show.

Wanting to see William Shatner back as Kirk in the 24th Century, following the box office disaster that was Star Trek: Nemesis, a group of fans put together this live action-hybrid trailer, showing Kirk and gang in 24th Century uniforms aboard a refitted Enterprise-A, which canonically was never destroyed. I love it, it paints a new chapter for Kirk and Spock, and if you take away the captions this is a full story with a beginning, middle and optimistic end:

Next, CBS acquired the rights to Star Trek but Paramount retained the rights to make movies, and JJ Abrams started to develop a concept which would take the franchise back to the original series. There were hot rumours that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were heavily involved and had to give approval for the recasting of their characters.  Nimoy appeared but Shatner didn’t. Roberto Orci had written a hologram-monologue scene for Shatner which was ultimately unfilmed:


Then I ask that you do yourself a
favor… put away logic, and do what
feels right. The world you’ve inherited
lives in the shadow of incalculable
devastation… but there’s no reason you
must face it alone.

And from around his neck, he removes the PENDANT that
until now, we’ve only caught glimpses of. Places it on
the table beside his younger self. The feeling in his
eyes is profound…

This was a gift to me. Representing…
a dream. One we were unable to fulfill.
The way you can now.

And moves to the door. Stops. Offers the VULCAN SALUTE:

As my customary farewell would appear
oddly self serving, I will simply say…
good luck.

Their eyes hold. Spock turns, disappearing into the
corridor. Young Spock stares at the empty doorway a
beat, his mind a jumble of thoughts. Looks to the
pendant… and realizes it’s a HOLO-EMITTER. After
considering a beat, he hits an activation button and a
MOVING HOLOGRAPHIC MESSAGE materializes before him:

brash, wry, confident — and SINGING:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to
(stops, grins)
I know I know, it’s illogical to
celebrate something you had nothing to do
with, but I haven’t had the chance to
congratulate you on your appointment to
the ambassadorship so I thought I’d seize
the occasion… Bravo, Spock — they tell
me your first mission may take you away
for awhile, so I’ll be the first to wish
you luck… and to say…
(beat, emotional)
I miss you, old friend.

… and we’re PUSHING IN on Young Spock, taking in the
image of Kirk’s future self, the message, but above all —
the clear, unquestionable friendship these two men had…


As Spock Prime walks off down the corridor, he passes
right by a man conferring with a nurse — the man pauses,
turns… it’s SAREK. Suddenly overcome by a feeling that
the stranger who’s just passed him is… oddly familiar.

I suppose I’d always imagined us…
outgrowing Starfleet together. Watching
life swing us into our Emeritus years…


MUSIC BUILDING — glass walls reveal THE ENTERPRISE at
dock, UTILITY CRAFTS floating around it, repairing.
Standing at attention in rows, THE ENTERPRISE CREW —
over four hundred of them wearing DRESS UNIFORMS — TRACK
DOWN the faces, all proud:

I look around at the new cadets now and
can’t help thinking… has it really been
so long? Wasn’t it only yesterday we
stepped onto the Enterprise as boys?
That I had to prove to the crew I
deserved command… and their respect?

And we STOP ON YOUNG KIRK. Composed, focused, proud. A
man. And to every fan’s delight, finally wearing his

This assembly calls Captain James
Tiberius Kirk…

Kirk breaks from formation, pivots, marches down the
hangar — past UHURA… SULU… CHEKOV… SCOTTY. All
Beaming. Notably absent, is Spock. Kirk ascends the
stairs, snaps to attention:

Your inspirational valor and supreme
dedication to your comrades are in
keeping with the highest traditions of
service and reflect utmost credit to
yourself, your crew, and the Federation.
By Starfleet Order 28455, you are hereby
directed to report to Commanding Officer,
USS Enterprise, for duty as his relief.

Kirk turns. Walks to… PIKE. In a wheelchair now,
wearing an ADMIRAL’S UNIFORM. Overnight, his hair’s
turned totally grey — but despite his trauma, his
pride’s overwhelming. They SALUTE each other:

I relieve you, Sir.

… I am relieved.

He opens a BOX in his lap — glorious in repose, a MEDAL:

And as Fleet Admiral, for your… unique
solution to the Kobayashi Maru, it’s my
honor to award you with a commendation
for original thinking.

Pike containing a smirk, pins the medal to Kirk’s

(a touch choked)
Congratulations, Captain.

Thank you, Sir.

Kirk turns to the crowd. Eyes shining. WILD APPLAUSE.
OUR MUSIC SOARS. Bones leans in to Sulu, rolling his

… Same ship, different day.

As Kirk rejoins his crew for hugs and congratulations, we
go to the BACK of the hangar… SPOCK PRIME. Watching.
Moved beyond words. He turns and leaves them to it… as
he goes…

I know what you’d say — ‘It’s their turn
now, Jim…’ And of course you’re
right… but it got me thinking:


Our montage comes full circle as we END on Kirk’s

Who’s to say we can’t go one more round?
By the last tally, only twenty five
percent of the galaxy’s been chartered…
I’d call that negligent. Criminal even —
an invitation. You once said being a
starship captain was my first, best
destiny… if that’s true, then yours is
to be by my side. If there’s any true
logic to the universe… we’ll end up on
that bridge again someday.

Stops, grins. Because this is the part he needs to say

Admit it, Spock. For people like us, the
journey itself… is home.

Young Spock’s face. Lost in feelings that flood through


Orci was planning to co-write and direct a third Star Trek movie. In it, the Federation, The Vulcans and a new race were racing to get their hands on a time travel device, the Vulcans wanted to get their hands on a time travel device. In the process, Shatner and Nimoy would have appeared an older Pine & Quinto, unfortunately a new script was written (which tbf was a movie I greatly enjoyed!) and Nimoy died in 2015, before these scenes could be shot: the Prime Timeline would have been restored, ending the trilogy, with the return of Kirk Prime.



photomanip by gazomg from my idea, uniform design by Richard A Griffith

Yes they’re meant to be older Kelvin Kirk & Spock, not older Prime, but I love this image.


It’s like a curse! Yes the Kirk character was killed off, but the conversation always comes around. Of the surviving original cast, Nimoy made two Star Trek movies in 2009 and 2013, Takei, Koenig and Nichols have participated in fan films, but William Shatner has only appeared in a DirecTV commercial and Oscars sketch.


Over the last 10 years online Star Trek fan films were very prominent I had an idea that Star Trek New Voyages or Continues could do a take on ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, where Kirk in the Nexus would be shown by his younger self a guided tour of his life, reflecting on the decisions he made. But Shatner had this to say about Continues, apparently over the use of his image in their promo material:

He’s already talking about appearing on Discovery! But how?! It’s set 10 years before TOS. Note that’s not the only Star Trek there’s going to be now, there’s talks CBS want to do more, and it was nearly an all-eras anthology.

He could play Admiral Tiberius Kirk, Kirk’s grandfather, or they could resurrect the time travelling Mirror Kirk idea.


If CBS do a future show, Kirk could be shown in flashback, as a hologram or this guy could snap his fingers:


 The Kelvin Timeline movies are also rumoured to be going forward with another movie, apparanly in a time travel plot involving Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, so maybe the Old Kirk plot can return here? Or they could do a take on the ‘Deadly Years’ episode?

VW1 - Shatner.jpg

My favourite alternative to all of these would be an appearance on FOX’s The Orville. Have him as Captain Jase C Burke, flagship Captain on his last mission, just about to retire. A lauded hero who the ladies swoon for. Taking the Mick out of Shatner’s image but not too much and a respectful homage. Ed is skeptical but ends up respecting Burke.

Maybe by the end of the episode Burke finds a new purpose in life, so effectively a better finale than Generations.

Kirk in all but name.


In any case, William Shatner is 86 now, so if they are going to do this hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!?


4 - TNG727 - Days of Future Past.png

Poster art by

Yesterday’s Enterprise was the 15th episode of the 3rd season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It concerned the Enterprise-C  going 22 years into the future via a temporal rift, changing the timeline so the Federation was at war with the Klingons. It is often hailed as one of the best Star Trek episodes ever made, and some even say, including a member of the then-production staff, it should have been done as a movie. Roberto Orci, who co-wrote the 2009 movie, cited Yesterday’s Enterprise as an influence.


In 1994, after the final season of TNG, Star Trek Generations was released. This movie saw the final journey of the Enterprise-D, as well as the death of James T Kirk. Many hated the way Kirk’s character met his demise, and call it a ‘glorified TNG episode’.


A few years ago I found this fan trailer on YouTube




This fan trailer combines the stories of Yesterday’s Enterprise and Generations. replacing the rather unremarkable Captain Garrett with Captain Kirk. I wondered if this could be turned into a full story (when I get an idea in my head I like it sticks!!), so I put Yesterday’s Enterprise on the edit suite and cut Garrett out.


The result is a 72 minute movie which is essentially an expanded version of the episode, but with the addition of characters from TOS to give them a more epic, heroic finale. And I think it works.


Here are the episodes and movies I took footage from:

  • TNG episode: The Big Goodbye (1988) Entering and leaving the holodeck
  • TNG episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise (1990)
  • TOS movie: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
  • TNG episode: Unification (1991)
  • TNG episode: Relics (1992)
  • TNG movie: Generations (1994)
  • DS9 episode: Shatttered Mirror (1996)
  • TOS videogame: Starfleet Academy (1997)


Another major source of inspiration for this project is the unfinished fan film Star Trek: Das Vermachtnis [The Legacy], as featured in the 2003 documentary Trekkies 2 and German media.




My thinking:

  • The opening sequence is the same as Generations, with references to the ship being Enterprise-B removed. Instead of being caught up in the Nexus, the Enterprise-C is caught up in a temporal rift. We don’t see Kirk being taken. This is the ‘magic of editing’ – you think you know where a scene is going but just a few cuts can change the situation dramatically.
  • We cut to the opening of Yesterday’s Enterprise. The timeline is changed and the -D meets the -C. An away team beams over and finds Lt Castillo, who’s love story with Tasha is retained, Soran is also found.
  • The reason Soran’s plot to destroy the star is retained is to give Kirk and Picard more joint screentime.
  • Guinan’s role is ever-prominent as she has ‘feelings’ about the timeline, Tasha being alive and she knew Soran.
  • In sickbay, Picard meets Kirk and tells him he’s aboard the Enterprise-D. Like the trailer, this uses footage from ST6.
  • This Kirk is grizzled an worn out. His arc in the film is that he doesn’t want to command the Enterprise-C following Harriman’s death  so Picard has to convince him.
  • This is one of several scenes showing Kirk on the Enterprise-D, which never officially happened.
  • Star Trek VI is the fan editor’s favourite out of the first 6, yes over II! Also, the aesthetic and ages of the characters fits well – the producers used several TNG sets such as the sickbay, engineering, transporter room and crew quarters in the movie.
  •  We see Soran on the Klingon bridge, showing the enemy absent from YE.
  • Scenes of Kirk and Picard in the Nexus are used, however the context is changed so they do in fact take place on the holodeck. This is where Kirk is convinced to return to active duty one last time.
  • A major diversion is that Picard & Data visit Romulus to find Spock. Despite a friend’s advice to remove it due to overload (it has been trimmed down) this has been kept. Two reasons: (1) Spock was originally going to appear in Generations alongside Kirk but Nimoy declined. and (2) ever since 2006/07 there were rumours that Shatner & Nimoy would appear on screen together one last time. Unfortunately the latter died in 2015, but ‘Ambassador Spock’ lives on in the fan edit world. The fan editor felt that if this was going to be a better Shatner-Kirk finale then Spock should be there.
  • 3 - PT114 - The Future Begins.jpg
  • Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura and Chekov are the 5 out of 7 TOS regulars that appear, though Bones and Sulu are mentioned. Kirk, Scotty, Chekov and newly Uhura (via ST6 footage) are established as being aboard the Enterprise-C. Scotty & Geordi fixing the ship from the TNG episode Relics is used (although this is the Enterprise-C here, not the Jenolan!), as are Kirk & Chekov via the 1997 video game Starfleet Academy.  Starfleet Academy was incidentally the last time Shatner officially played Kirk in a full-length production, he did cameo in the role for a DirecTV commercial and a sketch for the 2013 Oscars.
  • Picard & Data finding Spock in his role as Ambassador is from the TNG episode Unification. This separate comeback plot is here simply to give Spock a more interesting  role, being the second-to-main-character in TOS and one of America’s most iconic characters of all time. The fan editor believes that Unification & Relics on their own are weak stories, however the footage is served well here.
  • Kirk & Spock are given an emotional reunion scene before the final battle.
  • Kirk & Picard confronting Soran on Veridian III is included, destroying the weapon and blowing up Soran, however again the ‘magic of editing’ allows Kirk to survive this for the true finale.
  • The true finale is the Enterprise-D fighting Klingons while the Enterprise-C attempts to go through the rift. This is the only time on screen we saw two Enterprises working together.
  • Again,we see action on the Klingon bridges. Lursa & B’Tor feature earlier in the film, and are killed off here. Also, after their deaths we cut to another ship commanded by Chancellor Worf – this is deliberate as minutes later we see the ‘real’ Lt Worf on the Enterprise-D bridge.
  • The Cardassian Slave on Worf’s ship is played by Andrew Robinson – Garak on Deep Space Nine.
  • Captain Kirk’s is last scene is on the bridge of the Enterprise-C simply giving the order to ‘FIRE!’
  • Incidentally this is very similar to Danny’s Doctor Who fanedit ‘The Rise of Evil’ in that it opens in the Prime universe, slips into an alternate one then the Prime Timeline is restored.


Even without the Alternate Timeline elements the continuity of this is ambiguous – the opening seems to be TNG Season 3 despite this film essentially being a replacement for ST7; the Enterprise-C comes from 22 Years Earlier; plus what happened to the TOS characters? Several are seen alive and well in the TNG era. Also the Enterprise-D in the end is in tact.


But does that matter, they are all ‘imaginary tales’ after all…