DOCTOR WHO: TWICE UPON A TIME – Thoughts, feelings and predictions

– Great trailer, it looks like both the Doctors get a fair chunk of action together just as Matt, David and Sir John did in the 50th
– Speaking of the 50th, the trailer gives me a very Day of the Doctor vibe with throwbacks to the past. Was that a Chumbley? a CyberTomb?
– Also there is of course a rumour that the two Doctors will be saving Gallifrey, thus this will be more like The Day of the Doctor (part 2) as well as The Tenth Planet (Episode Five)
– i was surprised by the scene recreation from The Tenth Planet. The morph was breathtaking. Are they remaking Episode 4? I’d be surprised as the whole story has DVD release, but I’d welcome it.
– It looks like it’s not a straight up story set between going to the TARDIS then letting Ben and Polly in from the freezing cold. i can’t wait to see how that plays out.
– Watching Bradley in this feels like a great follow on to his appearance in AAISAT, even though the performance will be different. He’s played Hartnell playing the Doctor in iconic recreations spanning his whole era.
– The Captain – is he Sir Alistair’s grandfather or father? Or maybe a relative of one of the First Doctor’s companions? Or the War Lord? More likely the former
– Bill – does Heather make her human again? I hope so personally so she can go back home and live her life again
– There has been talk of more cameos over the past few months -Clara, Nardole, The Eleventh Doctor, Daleks, Susan. The latter is the one I am really hoping for.


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