Laveryverse Fan Edits: A Guide

ART CREDITS: CyberDevil, Stephen Higgins, gazomg, Alex Ross

I’ve always been a fan of fans. Specifically, fan creativity. There are many ways of expressing your appreciation for your favourite franchise – making films, writing stories, drawing, painting, attending conventions and many more, but there’s an art form that I discovered just over a decade ago, fan editing.

George Lucas is well known for stripping down and recutting his Star Wars films over and over, often updating them with new effects and scenes, as well as putting back material cut from the original. But the fans seem just as unsatisfied as Lucas, especially with the prequels. The first fan edit of Star Wars Episode I I saw was ‘Balance of the Force’, which not only cut scenes but also redubbed some of the aliens with subtitles, to create new dialogue.

Some other edits take it further, some even creating new sequences, such as Adywan’s ‘Revisited’ series, then there ‘s those that merge several individual films into one, such as Batman Combo, War of the Worlds: Independence Day and Wizardhood, the complete story of Harry Potter in just under 2 hours.

Another group producing fan edits in a unique way, and a collaboration I kind of initiated, is Season 26B. They are Doctor Who fans who have created a whole season of 16 episodes of Doctor Who, starring Paul McGann who has only played the part in live action twice so far. They use practically everything McGann was ever in between 1990 and 2013, voiceovers with soundalikes, footage from other Doctor Who episodes, other TV series and films, new effects and more. Over a decade I watched their technical skills improve, blurring the lines and making these feel like real, new stories from the Whoniverse. The Eighth Doctor was finally given a real chance to live and breathe on screen, there are three regular companions (Lucie, Izzy and K9), Cybermen, Zygons, Judoon, Sontarans, the Toymaker, Susan, Ace, River Song, the Brigadier, other Doctors etc – even Grace and Chang Lee who Big Finish haven’t got the rights to on audio – a problem a fan group don’t have. Thanks to the use of various sources the Doctor and friends even encounter new regular characters such as Dr Monaghan, Hornblower, Jonathan Creek, Catherine the Great, the villainous Eldritch and notably David Warner is portrayed as Ulysses, loosely adapted from the idea the TV Movie could have been.

I’ve always been a tinkerer but my first serious effort, inspired by Season 26B, was The Rise of Evil, a faux 30th Anniversary special released for the 50th Anniversary, 20 years late. Adapted from the independent sci-fi video The Airzone Solution, it featured Doctors 3-7 against Michael Wisher, while Ace is trapped in a dark dimension with a Sontaran and a Draconian.

Since then, I have been culminating various ideas. I let them fester in my brain then someday I decide to do something about. I guess I use fan editing as a way of expressing ideas. When I get ideas for a TV show, film or play at that minute I want it to exist! Admittedly I just use Movie Maker and the Rise of Evil is the only one I’ve recorded new voices for, but I do my very best to make the stories work.

Only The Rise of Evil is online – reason is I don’t want to get into trouble by uploading them all! I’ve nicked things from here, there and everywhere…

So here’s what I’ve done – I may look like I’m bragging with so many but really a better analogy is ‘runaway train’ Habits of mine include  (1) taking shorter pieces and making them part of a larger story, (2) taking spin off dramas and making them a proper part of Doctor Who and (3) turning TV shows into movies and vice versa, hence I try to do full movies/episodes rather than trailers or shorts:


DOCTOR WHO [WARNING: Contains Daleks. A LOT of Daleks]

  1. a2 - Prisoners of the Daleks.jpgPrisoners of the Daleks – Loose Cannon’s reconstruction of Terry Nation’s unmade Dalek pilot starring Jean Marsh mixed with a fan made First Doctor Dalek action figure story. Notably brings the dome headed Emperor into canon 25 years early!
  2. The Time Eddy – a 20-minute version of The Three Doctors trying to be from the First Doctor’s point of view. Leads directly into…
  3. The Tomb of Rassilon/The Renegade – The Five Doctors from the Frist Doctor’s point of view. Leads directly into…
  4. a3 - Vengeance of the Daleks.jpgVengeance of the Daleks – Built around the Blake’s 7 episode Assassin where the ‘forgotten’ First Doctor Richard Hurndall plays a similar character with a shock of white hair who is a slave rescued by Avon and the crew of the Scorpio. I’ve always wanted to see a Doctor Who crossover with Blake’s 7 which I’ve always believed is part of the Whoniverse, I just never thought it would be with the First Doctor! The Doctor is travelling with older Susan. You also get glimpses of an older Ian and Marco Polo, plus I’ve used clips of New Series Daleks in classic colours, hence why this is not in black and white. I don’t like odds and sods I like them being part of a full story. Pretty proud of this one, I think it works.
  5. The Doctors – a 40-minute cut of Twice Upon A Time trying to tell it from the First Doctor’s point of view. I’ve cut all the ‘bigot’ comments so he is more of a faithful character to the original. Leads directly into…
  6. b1 - The Power of the Daleks.jpgThe Power of the Daleks – Despite there now being an animation, this is a 26 minute recreation of the lost story using the reimagined fan film, cutting all appearances of the Scovell Doctor (who I love but this is an experiment) and putting in footage of the Troughton Doctor, Ben and Polly via their existing episodes (including some where I’ve had to cut Jamie and even The War Machines). Unfortunately, every story from Season 4 had at least two missing episodes.
  7. b2 - The Daleks Strike Back.jpgThe Daleks Strike Back – Similar to Prisoners of the Daleks, a CGI recreation of the 1960s stage play Curse of the Daleks cut into a 4 parter with the First AND Second Doctors and friends. Thought that with The Destroyers and Curse being written by Terry Nation himself they would feel more genuine additions to the canon. First and Second Doctor material includes them both together.
  8. The Black Hole – a 2-part version of The Three Doctors trying to be from the Second Doctor’s point of view.
  9. The Auton Invasion – someone once commented that the fan film Devious with Jon Pertwee was a better intro to Spearhead From Space than Spearhead From Space. So naturally I had to put it in.
  10. c3 - The Dalek Connection.jpgThe Dalek Connection – Jon Pertwee never stopped playing the Doctor from 1983-1996, so I put some of that in with some of the evidence sequences from the Trial of Davros to create something new, as well as a reimagining of a Planet of the Daleks scene. Notably features the Delgado Master deteriorating into Peter Pratt. I like using significant events that weren’t seen on screen.
  11. c4 - Attack of the Daleks.jpgAttack of the Daleks – In the mid-60s there were two remakes of Dalek stories featuring bigger, more colourful Daleks. I wanted to see if you could effectively canonise them. Dr Who and the Daleks wasn’t playing ball for me but using the intro to Invasion of the Dinosaurs 2150 proved more successful, with the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane arriving in a deserted London invaded by Daleks. I kept Susie as a young girl looking for her grandfather, but you don’t see ‘Dr Who’. Some more footage of post-83 Pertwee is used, including a Victoria cameo from Dimensions in Time
  12. Doctor Who’s Greatest Adventure: The Tokyo Affair – The title is taken from Milton Subotsky’s unmade third movie idea, it mixes a popular Doctor Who anime with some more of the older Pertwee footage. Daleks, Cybermen, Davros, two Masters all descend on the Japanese capitol, the Doctor must team with UNIT and a local police officer. The animation is beautiful. and I like the idea of the Doctor getting a new assistant
  13. d1 - Sweet Black Angel.jpgSweet Black Angel – wrapped around animation of Big Finish’s Invasion of the Daleks, the idea of this is “what if Tom Baker came back in the 90s as the lead?” With Dr Who Night, New Zealand insurance ads and Shada; Tom has reprised the part on screen more than I think some realise. I also use the premiere of the K9 spin off and Leela and Romana appear.
  14. The Five Doctors Experimental Edition – The Five Doctors had already been remixed using footage from The E-Space Trilogy however I felt that was too heavy for a subplot. Then, Kelvington was going to use his wizardry to put Tom Baker into The Five Doctors but that project got aborted, which I was terribly upset about, so doing this was a bit like healing a bit of a bugbear. I thought about The Sontaran Experiment as the Dartmoor landscape was like the Death Zone. The Doctor and Harry arrive and faces a Sontaran experimenting on humans it found – it felt like a good fit and the story isn’t too heavy. I cut Sarah Jane from the Sontaran Experiment footage as she was already with the Third Doctor. The only thing I wish I could add was the Fourth Doctor in the tomb at the end, interacting with all the other Doctors.
  15. e2 - The Return.jpgThe Return – a cut down of Resurrection of the Daleks, using footage from the fan film Masterplan to make it a classic story with the Daleks, Davros, the Master and The Cybermen. The locations are similar, and the new subplot is the Master and the Cybermen searching for a lost army of Daleks on Earth. Created before The Tokyo Affair, the classic series never featured Daleks and Cybermen together properly.
  16. e3 - The Manipulation of Time.jpgThe Manipulation of Time – a short episode where the Fifth Doctor, Peri, Nyssa and the Tenth Doctor face off against the Rani, using footage from Terminus, Dimensions in Time and Time Crash.
  17. f1 - Alternate Adventures.jpgSummoned by Shadows/More Than A Messiah/In Memory Alone – The Stranger by BBV 1-3 starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, is ‘darker Sixth Doctor with shades of the Seventh’ was better than anything he got under JNT.
  18. f2 - Retalliation of the Daleks.jpgRetallation of the Daleks – part of a sequence of stories connecting The Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani
  19. f3 - a Fistful of Doctors.jpgA Fistful of Doctors – After Evelyn leaves, the Sixth Doctor gets caught up in the Time War…
  20. f2 - Shakedown.jpgShakedown – the 1995 Sontaran movie was novelised as a Seventh Doctor story but here I mix with Sixth Doctor footage
  21. g2 - The Rise of Evil.jpgThe Rise of Evil – as mentioned above, a faux 30th Anniversary special released for the 50th Anniversary, 20 years late. Adapted from the independent sci-fi video The Airzone Solution, it featured Doctors 3-7 against Michael Wisher, while Ace is trapped in a dark dimension with a Sontaran and a Draconian. Originally meant to be an adaptation of Lost in the Dark Dimension but it became his own beast. Title taken from a movie about Hitler.
  22. g3 - Memoirs of an Old Soldier.jpgMemoirs of an Old Soldier – a tribute to the late, great Nicholas Courtney. A combination of three rare fan films of the Brigadier, plus the DVD special Liberty Hall, wrapped by the Brigadier writing his memoirs.
  23. g4 - Enemy of the Daleks.gifEnemy of the Daleks – animation of the Big Finish drama mixed with the tale of Abslom Daak – Dalek Killer!
  24. Death Comes To Time – the animation cut into a 1h30 feature film
  25. Destiny of the Doctors – the final adventure of the Seventh Doctor – the TV Movie up to and including the regeneration, as well as videogame footage of the Anthony Ainley Master and Ace from Midgame Trilogy, thus giving closure to the era.
  26. Enemy Within – the rest of the TV Movie, otherwise in a marathon you’d be watching half of the story twice!
  27. h2 - Blood of the Daleks.jpgBlood of the Daleks – there are several animations of scenes from this audio drama online, despite different styles I put them together to make a full narrative. Beefed up with footage of Davros as BBC DVD also animated Big Finish scenes, the idea being to make the 6th classic Davros story after Remembrance of the Daleks.
  28. h3 - The Scourge of Gallifrey.jpg The Scourge of Gallifrey – a faux 40th Anniversary special featuring Doctors 5-8 with several companions against the Master and the Daleks. Using more Big Finish scenes with several scenes of the Doctors meeting.
  29. Night of the Daleks – one of my first; the Night of the Doctor beefed up using ‘The Dalek That Time Forgot’ as well as Romana and Leela and a short film about Davros creating the New Daleks.
  30. The Night of the Doctor – The first story of the War Doctor; extending out of the 2013 short with ‘The Experiment’, the sequel to ‘The Dalek That Time Forgot’ pitting Daleks v Cybermen once more and containing a whole load of references. Subplot footage will come from Blake’s 7, but Jacqueline Pearce will be Cardinal Ollistra from the War Doctor audios, meeting with Carnell who later featured in the Doctor Who novel ‘Corpse Marker’ and the Kaldor City audios.
  31. j1 - The Autons Awake.jpgThe Autons Awake – BBV’s Auton 3: Awakening with footage from The Sontaran Stratagem and Enemy of the Bane to show The Tenth Doctor finally meeting the Brigadier, something I was upset never happened on screen. I used the Auton movie as I didn’t want to just put the Tenth Doctor into the Bane story, or the Brigadier into Stratagem
  32. j2 - The Vulcan Paradox.jpgThe Vulcan Paradox – The Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors meet the crew of the USS Enterprise. Two of them. Combination of two fan films.
  33. The Day of the Doctor: All-Inclusive Edition – I wanted to give the Classic Doctors a greater presence in the story. I put the Night of the Doctor short at the beginning, and Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston have a particularly greater presence. The sequence where Clara travels through the Doctors’ lives in The Name of the Doctor is used, as well as Big Finish audio and even Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, to show the Classic Doctors in Matt Smith’s TARDIS.
  34. Blakes_7_Logo_by_westleyjsmith.jpgInvasion – The final episode of Season 2, Star One with the Daleks as invaders, using footage from Day of the Daleks and Destiny of the Daleks
  35. x - Gallifrey.pngGALLIFREY – Using fan animation, the K9 spinoff and Ace from Death Comes To Time – I attempted to make a screen version of the audio spin off.
  36. w - the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.jpgThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow – And now for something completely different! So many people over the years have commented how much the 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow is like a Tim Burton Doctor Who movie starring Johnny Depp, so I had to look. And it is, about a town menaced by an evil creature, then this man (Depp) comes in to save them. 26B style I cut references to him being a police inspector and began with the TARDIS landing in the forest. The Depp Doctor is like a darker Matt Smith, with all the eccentricity and humour. Most of my past works have tried their best to keep within the Doctor Who canon but this is different. I like how we have had ‘Unbound’ Doctors in the past like Peter Cushing, David Warner, Rowan Atkinson etc. through the years – and how can I resist effectively creating my own brand-new Doctor, even if it is another white male?! I’m also a big fan of the Burton Batman movies, the aesthetic here is very similar. Even Danny Elfman composed the score. There’s also an Ichabod Crane action figure so I plan on getting hold of that to display alongside my Doctors. It struck me that this is my first historical story, even though the enemy is supernatural.



1582439330_308df761c7_o.jpgTo The Stars – Using the 09 film and Into Darkness, this attempts to create a canonical origin story for Kirk and Spock. Uses Gabe Koerner’s better Enterprise design

Risk is Our Business – uses the cutscenes from the 2013 videogame where Kirk faces the Gorn

Flight of the Franklin – yes the Enterprise is destroyed but this is the most Star Trek of all three movies, so naturally I turned it into an episode

13585091_1255265627819555_7102519838325456794_o.jpgStar Trek: Phase III – 16 episodes showing the complete adventures of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov post-TMP – using footage from movies 1-7, 11-12, TNG, Voyager, Starfleet Academy videogame, Of Gods and Men, New Voyages and Renegades (including Requiem 26B style). Literally the whole story. Every scrap. I’ve edited Excelsior footage from Voyager’s Flashback into Undiscovered Country to expand that adventure.

3a - Of Gods and Men.jpgOf Gods and Men – extended movie edition with the Generations prologue and Sulu on the Excelsior from ‘World Enough and Time’ to show more of the crew post-ST6

4 - TNG315 - Days of Future Past.pngDays of Future Past – I’ve blogged about it in the past, but this is the TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise using Undiscovered Country/Generations footage to give Kirk a better sendoff. The closest I’ll get to my ideal Star Trek movie MORE:

3z - Legacies.pngLegacies – the Bring Back Kirk trailer coupled with Trek 09 and Renegades to create a new TOS finale, set post-Nemesis for the whole crew except Sulu.

5 - DSN101 - Emissary.pngEmissary – the DS9 pilot mixed with The Chase and Birthright I to create a full-blown TNG/DS9 crossover

The Dominion War – showing the Enterprise-E during the war fighting Jem’Hadar and rescuing Sisko and the Defiant crew

Voyager: The Movie – using footage of the Voyager characters post-Endgame to show their future lives

Inferno – combining the Borg War fan film starring Patrick Stewart with all Good Things and others to give TNG a better send off. Little did I know of course Picard was plotting a comeback!

5 - DSN801 - The Ultimate Crossover.jpgThe Landmark Crossover – the fan film Operation Beta Shield features characters from the fan series Hidden Frontier, Intrepid, Odyssey and the Section 31 Files – I’ve added people from New Frontier and DS9 (via Online) to enhance the story.

Also from Enterprise, DS9 and Voyager I’ve turned several multi part arcs into movies.



I’ve put episodes from various series together to make movies (including ‘Zeo Quest’ which uses Rita & Zedd rather than the Machine Empire and ‘Transitions’ which combines the ‘Turbo’ finale with the ‘Space’ opening), plus:

Back To Action – a ‘new’ MMPR episode using footage from Sentai’s Great Dinosaur Battle with some of the PSAs and Bulk and Skull VHS footage

Power-Rangers-Cosplay-Prop-Green-Ranger-Arm-and-Leg-Armor-Version-01-2Wrath of Zedd – My concept pilot for a PG-13 Power Rangers pilot, as might air on the CW. Uses the Super Power Beat Downs as well as remaining clips from the unfinished MMPR fan film.

Legends in Danger – Extended version of the Dimensions in Danger 25th Anniversary special – includes clips from Dino Thunder, Legendary Battle and Dino Mega Charge.

WOTGR.pngWrath of the Green Ranger – Using all of JDF’s post-Forever Red appearances, including Bat in the Sun. An exploration of older Tommy’s life.



Superman Arrives – a retelling of Superman’s origin, going from the serial Krypton, to the 50s TV show Smallville, to Clark in High school from Smallville to the pilot of Lois & Clark with the arrival in Metropolis.

Superman Resurrection – a sequel to Arrives, showing the resurrection of Lex Luthor.

1237909_344697468999055_1651106821_nBatman: Dark Detective – Bat in the Sun’s City of Scars, Seeds of Arkham, Truth of the Mask mixed with others to create a Batman movie more faithful to the comics, with a different aesthetic to the cinema films.

16683837_1512880212055396_6072425875832741797_n.jpgJustice League of America – Christopher Reeve, Michael Keaton, Lynda Carter and John Wesley Shipp star in four intertwined stories facing Lex Luthor, the Joker, an evil Toymaker’s android doubles and the Trickster respectively. Cameos from Oracle (2001’s Birds of Prey) and Martian Manhunter (1997’s JLA pilot) to make the ‘League’ seem bigger,  plus Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Steve Trevor, Tina McGee, Julio Mendez, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon and Vicki Vale all have supporting roles and there’s a few Easter Eggs and references peppered throughout –  a retro JLA is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time! Up until the Animated Universe in the mid 90s the idea of DC merging their different properties together didn’t really happen on screen.



Have I any more ideas? Absolutely but some I wouldn’t be able to achieve.

I tried to turn The Stranger films 4-6 into Doctor Who stories but couldn’t; I’d like to do something with some Unbound Doctors (David Warner, Rowan Atkinson) but I wouldn’t know where to start.

I also think doing an  ‘Avengers League’ rather than Justice League would be cool – merging Marvel and DC together.



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